Health Data Exchange Platform

HealthTAG is a blockchain-based solution for digital health data exchange and applications.

To allow healthcare data anytime, anywhere

Enable a 360 care with patient centric model

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We provide to you the best choiches for you. Adjust it to your health needs and make sure your undergo treatment with our highly qualified doctors you can consult with us which type of service is suitable for your health



A Single health platform for patients. to manage your health in just a click

Redefine future of healthcare with
To allow healthcare data anytime, anywhere
Enhance continuous of care
Reduce Administrative workload
Trust, secured, transaparent data sharing network
Data driven with more cost-effective
FHIR Transformer
A software that converts the data from the hospital HIS into HL7 FHIR format and stores it in the FHIR server which still reside in hospital network
Data Network
Healthcare data network with blockchain technology to allow trust, secure, and transparent data exchange across healthcare network.
HealthTAG NFC Tag
A card that the holder can access to their personal health through the scan of NFC The NFC sticker can be conveniently attached to any ID card (e.g. National ID card, Driver’s license, etc.) to provide access to personal health record
Decentralized Personal health record

Grant access through Smart contract based Blockchain to your health record with hospitals that have connected to HealthTAG seamlessly at the touch of your fingertip

Using PIN:123456

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