health data exchange platform

HealthTAG is a blockchain-based solution for digital health data exchange and applications.

Access my PHR

Our products

Personal health record

Grant access through Smart contract based Blockchain to your health record with hospitals that have connected to HealthTAG seamlessly at the touch of your fingertip

HealthTAG NFC Tag

A card that the holder can access to their personal health through the scan of NFC The NFC sticker can be conveniently attached to any ID card (e.g. National ID card, Driver’s license, etc.) to provide access to personal health record

How it works

1. Set up your HealthTAG

You can register and verify your identity at the patient registration counter at a HealthTAG supported hospital or clinic, and receive your HealthTAG (NFC tag)

2. Your personal health record will be transferred to the FHIR Server

Your health record in the Hospital Information System (HIS) will be standardized into HL7 FHIR format and stored in the FHIR Server within the hospital’s network.

3. Access your health record from anywhere

You can access your personal health record from anywhere. Just tap your HealthTAG to a phone that supports NFC tag!

Hospital + Business

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